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三年级的英语作文 篇1

  How time flies, it is a year, this morning, the winter holiday will begin school。 I like past holidays, there will always be on the first day of the holiday started, make a plan for the feasible, purpose is in order to be able to make myself in the holiday, have a more happy and substantial, and can learn more knowledge outside, and after a joy。

  I want to develop my interests and hobbies, I want to practice calligraphy, together with dad grow up can also write good word。 See the TV news report, understand the society。 I more exercise and keep healthy。

  I want to insist on keeping a diary, composition。 Before, I write diary "dry", mainly is the lack of observation; Later, I'm going to look at 30 minutes a day of extra—curricular, put some thoughts and recorded during winter vacation, and some meaningful person or thing written in the article。 See some excellent composition, learn other people's writing strengths。 To find on the Internet to write good articles, learn from somebody else's learning。 In addition, I have a brochure, called "diary of a small material", at ordinary times is trivial to observe, record some wonderful things, writing an article that is a good material! When the time comes to write something, then don't worry about "there's nothing to write"!

  Visiting relatives and friends, do civilized manners, respect their elders, to the relatives and friends about their own learning, to their peers share their experiences in learning。

  This is my winter vacation plan, I not only want to strengthen learning, also want to do more to help parents, do you think I do this winter holiday plan?






三年级的英语作文 篇2









三年级的英语作文 篇3

  The New Year, through the footsteps coming towards us. Happy winter holiday will begin in a minute, then how can I let this winter holiday, full and meaningful? I struggled to think one day, finally, how to spend the winter vacation. Think it over.

  See some books, do some reading notes; Appropriate to do some winter vacation homework every day; Look at the news, know about the state affairs and social news. Exercise every day, exercise their bodies; Go to the library, the place such as science and technology museum, xinhua bookstore, get some learning opportunities, broaden their field of vision; Do something can help mom and dad......

  Reading a book. In order to let oneself see some good books, I early came to the bookstore. The variety of books in the bookstore I chose some books I like, put the bookcase of home. So it is not afraid of no books to read. I ran to the stationery store to buy a thick, beautiful notebook, in winter vacation, I have to write it.

  Movement. Sport is a source of health, can strengthen our heart and lung function; Can help us to prevent osteoporosis; Can mitigate and control of our emotions... Exercise every day for three hours, exercise your body. Jump rope, kick the shuttlecock, sprint, long distance... Do sports every day, let your body become more healthy.

三年级的英语作文 篇4

  Summer vacation, my mother and I plan to play Lianyungang, my mother a few days ago to pack up the luggage.

  Early in the morning, I sat with a look forward to the bus to Lianyungang. After more than two hours of trek, and finally reached the destination. We settled down at the resort on the sea. Afternoon, arrived in the Soviet Union Bay, when the naughty sun has been hiding behind the clouds, the weather is not so hot.

  Finally see you, the real sea, I long for a long time the sea, I read you in the text, I saw you on the TV, I feel very excited. Put on swimsuit, put on the laps, to the vast expanse of the sea rushed to the sea some cool, waves of white waves, scrambling to shoot me over, I loudly exclaimed, both nervous and excited, thanks to catch the mother , Or I was lifted a four feet overturned, the sea ran into my mouth, "tut ~ tu ~", ah, feel like eating salt, salty. I patted the sea, loud cheers up, the waves came again, I screamed to run to the shore, but the waves hot pursuit ... ... twinkling of an eye in the evening, I reluctantly left the blue sea.

  The next day, and a blue sky in the morning, we take a large cruise ship. The cruise ship calmed down the sea, the sea breeze blowing my hair. After lunch, we drove to Huaguo Shan, at the foot of the mountain there are many small stalls with a variety of toy monkeys, dazzling, I picked a lovely brown plush monkey. We ride the sightseeing car came to the Shuilian Dong, Qi days of the holy home.

  Just two days soon ended, I was reluctant to leave, because I was so happy.

三年级的英语作文 篇5




  Excuse me. Where could I wash my hands?


  That’s Ok. Stay. She only wants to wash her hands.

  在英语里,wash my hands实际上是上厕所的委婉说法。



  Hi! What’s the good word?


  My God! I don’t know the good word. I’ve studied English for years, but no one told me about the good word!


  Hello. What’s the good word? 老美听了,很随意地说: Oh, not much. 这下,这个留学生就更吃惊了!

  原来,What’s the good word? 在美语里,是一句问候语,意思是“你还好吗?”但问话的人并不指望你把遇到的高兴的事情都一一告诉他,只是打个招呼而已。但这个留学生以为对方真的在问什么是Good word,所以闹了笑话,不过还好,也算给他歪打正着了。


三年级的英语作文 篇6

  Welcome to my hometown! Fujian is my hometown. It is a modern and busy province. It has a long history. There are many big supermarkets, beautiful gardens and good factories here. It is very easy to go shopping. You can see green hills, big trees and nice flowers. There are many restaurants in Haimen. You can enjoy Haimen goat. It tastes very delicious. Many visitors come here to enjoy it. There are many good places to visit. There is a park and a big Shopping Mall. You can see films in Renmin Theatre. My school is one of the best schools in my hometown. It is on Changjiang Road. It is very beautiful. I hope you can come and visit soon.

三年级的英语作文 篇7

  Time is so fast! A moment soon to school. This summer, I gained a lot of knowledge and fun, learned a lot of beautiful words, so that my essays by leaps and bounds, you know why? Let me tell you now!

  This is because of sailing Xie Chang'e teacher education. I often do not write my writing, and sometimes actually also off the subject, which makes me very discouraged, feel very embarrassed, and now I have emboldened, feel very confident, feeling walking are full of air. Summer vacation, I am in addition to learning composition, I also learned English, table tennis, roller skating ... ... let my summer life rich and colorful, very interesting!

  This summer there is a happy thing, certainly there are regrettable things, that is, I did not travel. My mother had to take me to Jiuzhaigou play, but because they are delayed until September 1 to go, I have to go to school can not go to see someone else travel back also wrote a lot of diary, I sometimes at home muffled. My mother in order to make up for this regret, took me to see a few movies, let me happy a little bit.

  More importantly, in this summer, I also learned to do two dishes, is my favorite tomatoes scrambled eggs and boiled pumpkin, next time I can do to the father and mother to eat.

  This summer I harvest a lot, you harvest what?

三年级的英语作文 篇8

  Success, as is known, is the pursuit of many ambitious people. It requires much of a person.

  In my view, above all, one should be a person of strong perseverance. Rome was not built in a day. On our long way to success, there are undoubtedly many difficulties standing in the way. If we lose heart and give up halfway, nothing can be achieved. Throughout history, we have had many famous successful people in the world, of whom no one is weak-minded. Take the great American scientist Edison as an example, he tried experiment after experiment and had one failure after another before he finally invented the bulb, which lighted up the whole world. So we can conclude perseverance can surely be one of the secrets of success. Furthermore, one needs to work hard to realize his dream just as the famous saying goes “Hard work leads to success”.

  Look at these around us and we’ll find diligent people are always the favor of our society. They usually achieve more than expected. Why do so many of our classmates of average intelligence go far ahead of others? Hard work is definitely supposed to be the answer. And still, I hold that one must keep in pace with the informative world. There’s no denying that our world is changing every day. So one can never be locked alone inside his own room, doing his research work and dedicated to book knowledge.

  How can an isolated person be well-informed enough to go ahead of others? If so, that could be ridiculous. Success is what one desires. So long as one is perseverant, hard working and up-to-date, I am sure success is near at hand.